Our Commitment to Privacy Reflects CDN/U.S. Industry Standards
Peterborough Kartway voluntarily complies with and supports the Online Privacy Principles and Guidelines of the Direct Marketing Association (www.the-dma.org).

Information Collection and Use

A few sections of our website contain areas where visitors can provide personally identifiable information to Peterborough Kartway. This information is stored and used to track activity of our website visitors. We also will use this information to contact you when you express interest in Peterborough Kartway and/or our services.

Peterborough Kartway website does not use cookies. For each visitor to our website, our web server automatically recognizes the name of the visitor's Internet domain and information regarding what pages are accessed. This information is used to track user patterns. We do this in order to determine the usefulness of our website content to our visitors and to see if our navigational structure is helpful in getting our users to that information. Peterborough Kartway does not correlate that information with individual users.

Peterborough Kartway is committed to taking every possible reasonable steps to assure that any personally identifiable information provided to us is protected.

Sharing of Your Personal Identifiable Information

The information provided to Peterborough Kartway by visitors to our site is not sold, transferred or traded to any third party for unsolicited marketing purposes or any other purpose. If you have provided us online with a postal address, an email address, or a telephone number, a Peterborough Kartway representative may contact you if you have requested for Peterborough Kartway to do so . This will occur when you have expressed an interest in a particular product or service offered by Peterborough Kartway, or if you have asked to receive general information on the company. We also may contact you if we have new service offerings or announcements regarding services that you have previously expressed an interest in.

Contact Us

If you feel that this site is not following its Privacy Statement, please contact us promptly with the necessary details


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